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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Grand Rapids, MI (PRWeb), MARCH 12, 2007: Profitable Growth Partners, LLC., a Grand Rapids-based business strategy and training firm, announced the national launch of its highly acclaimed Soft Skills for Hard Core Technical Professionals Series. The training series, which is intended for technical professions in such fields as information technology, engineering, research, etc., strengthens the skill-set of professionals in areas such as communication, interpersonal relationships, customer focus, leadership, and teamwork.

“Serving as the Chief Information Officer for a large global company, and then later as the V.P. of Sales and Marketing for a national firm, I was able to see first hand how these skills contributed to successful projects, and successful implementations of technology,” said Randy Bancino, Managing Partner with Profitable Growth Partners, LLC. “Rarely did projects fail because the technology didn’t work; because the staff didn’t understand the technology; or because we hired the wrong consultants. A lack of soft skills was almost always the culprit.”

Profitable Growth Partners worked with the Center for Organizational Design and other top organizations to put together a comprehensive program that measurably improves the skill sets of today’s technical professional. The end result is a team that implements more successful projects, improves customer focus, and elevates their contribution to the success of the organization.

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CEB said...

This sounds like a great program and one that is definitely needed. As VP Marketing for a large global company, I've led project teams that are highly dependent on the expertise of IT or engineering professionals. Too often, we are speaking different languages! The average non-tech person simply does not understand or appreciate the technical challenges these talented professionals encounter. But if they learn to take the time to understand customer needs, to show respect for those not as well educated in their field, and communicate their design goals and challenges in a way that the customer understands...these are powerful skills to increase productivity. GREAT program!

Profitable Growth Partners said...

You are absolutely right! As someone who managed a large IT shop, and then later in my career managed a larged Sales and Marketing team, I saw the miscommunication first hand, from both sides of the table.

Randy Bancino
Profitable Growth Partners, LLC.